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LianWei Cloud Technology Make Cloud Management Easier

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Azure MSP service

Microsoft Azure gold partnerMicrosoft Azure Analytics Prioritized Partner

Microsoft Azure Indirect OSPA Partner

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LianWei PanCloud was nominated as the outstanding public cloud management service provider in Asia Pacific region

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Gartner LianWei Pan Cloud High-Quality Multi-Cloud Service Provider

Help companies break the barriers of multi-cloud management, focus on business development, achieve higher business quality, and lower cost consumption

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Gartner LianWei MSP and CMP Capability Nomination

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LianWei MSP Services

Cloud consulting and design

Cloud strategy, architecture, service governance consulting

Cloud implementation and deployment

Automated Infrastructure Implementation and deployment services

Cloud efficient operation and maintenance

7 * 24h operation services

Cloud network security consulting

Cyber Security Law 2.0 cloud environment and management consulting

Multi-Cloud Technique Platform

Resources Platform

Multi-Cloud resource delivery

DevOps Platform

Multi-Cloud continuous platform software delivery

Safety Platform

Comprehensive security control

Operation and maintenance Platform

AIOPS-Scenarioized Platform Package

Data Platform

Operational big data

Application Support Platform

Business and development oriented platform framework

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LianWei Cloud Management Platform(CMP)

Governance and Life cycle management

Brokering and automation for managed cloud resources

Provisioning and orchestration

Service request

Inventory and classification

Monitoring and analytics

Cloud migration, backup and disaster recovery

Security, compliance and identity management

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  • LianWei MSP Advantages
  • LianWei CMP Advantages

Cloud management platform with own intellectual property rights

Over 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure services

Rich experience in cloud architecture design, migration, implementation and operation and maintenance

Top 500 client DevOps Agile toolchain project deployment experience

Multiple cloud vendors enterprise-level qualification certification, security, quality management certification

Solve the domestic compliance problem of customer business and application

Research and create together with customers Trained by the actual scene

Unified management of Multi-Cloud resources based on CloudRoom

Agile services integrating DevOps toolchain and SRE full-stack Multi-Cloud management based on CI/CD

Self-service, data-based and intelligent Multi-Cloud operation and maintenance management based on RPA

Collection, analysis and event management of Multi-Cloud safety information based on safety baseline

Alliance cloud services


Provide MSP service for well-known retail FMCG companies

Based on the existing CMP product functions, combined with the company's own PAAS platform and Devops tool chain, it has created an SRE portal platform that meets China's digital requirements. Starting from SRE project management, tool chain management, Kubernetes management and project management, the project and resource visualization life cycle management is completed

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World famous direct selling daily chemical brand cloud management solution

In order to meet current business needs, world-renowned daily chemical companies need to build a systematic Multi-Cloud management system in Multi-Cloud environments such as Ali Cloud. At the same time, customers will also focus on ensuring the security and compliance of cloud management systems and on-cloud environments. Respond to the requirements of high speed, security, stability and high availability of the business...

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World famous automobile group private cloud Azure and container cloud operation and maintenance

World famous car brand, headquartered in Germany. The pursuit of high-quality, high-performance and high-end cars is the foundation of its success. With such fierce competition in the domestic automotive market, customers need to build a large number of information systems to ensure the rapid expansion and digital transformation of their business...

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Provide MSP services for well-known e-commerce websites

As a world-renowned auction site, the company has always paid close attention to Chinese business. In order to solve the problem of unified logistics on the Chinese platform, it is necessary to build a platform based on microservices architecture to meet the pressure of Internet-level system access...

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Provide MSP services for well-known targe and diverse real estate groups

As the customer establishes the strategic upgrade goal of “driving all business development with digital innovation as its core strategy”, the company continues to promote the development of innovative business and explore new business models based on its own business characteristics and diverse scenarios. In 2019, he company reached a strategic cooperation with global technology giant Alibaba, combining the leading advantages of both sides to jointly empower the construction of smart cities. During the New Crown epidemic, the company responded quickly and helped merchants sell online through digital platforms, further accelerating the digital construction of the company's own ecosystem.

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In-depth cooperation in The evolution of global snack industry leaders

One of the leaders in the global snack industry, the company is headquartered in Illinois, USA and has operations in 165 countries and regions around the world. As the world's leading manufacturer of biscuits, chocolates, chewing gum, confections and solid beverages, all categories occupy a dominant position in the competitive field. The biscuits and confections market ranks first in the world, while chocolate and chewing gum ranks second in the world. It has several star brands with annual revenue of more than 1 billion US dollars...

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Global well-known industrial products company based on Azure digital application CI/CD integrated solution

A world-renowned industrial product company that manufactures and operates a variety of products and services in China. The company's different products and applications show the coexistence of enterprise-level and Internet applications.The company urgently needs to establish a unified CI/CD platform to achieve continuous automated release of the different technology stack...

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French well-known cosmetics company public cloud application management solution

With the development of the digital age, the growing demand for customer brand size and promotion, the company is focusing on promoting online marketing business. In 2019, the six major brands in China gradually transformed from traditional architecture to microservice architecture, established a new DevOps containerized Multi-Cloud management model, and fully realized rapid CI/CD including Campaign, H5, and EC e-commerce application systems. This provides a strong guarantee for the flexible change and rapid development of online business...

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Powering the digital transformation of large international luxury goods groups

The customer, as the world's largest luxury goods group, has determined its digital strategy as its most important strategy. Establishing a unified container cloud platform supported by digital applications, and supporting the rapid iteration of digital business with the DevOps method have become its important requirements...

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Real estate


Science and technology


Luxury goods

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