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Ali Cloud CMP service

LianWei CMP Solution Certification

Ali Cloud Joint Solution LianWei CMP Solution Certification

Ali Cloud is the world's leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company. It is committed to providing safe and reliable computing and data processing capabilities through online public services, and has always maintained good operation records in a variety of challenging application scenarios. Ali Cloud has the most outstanding and high-quality services and technologies in China's industry on the public cloud, and is the benchmark and authority in the industry. As a better Chinese local management service provider MSP, with many years of experience in digital and information technology services, as well as deep industry experience and customer insights, our company has become the only cloud management joint solution partner of Ali Cloud. We have carried out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with Ali Cloud and get praise and recognition. As an Ali Cloud C100 partner, our company has the only Ali Cloud SRE full-stack cloud management joint solution. The high-quality and efficient product code has passed the Ali Cloud review. Our company has also become a green channel for its retail cloud, and has cooperated and exchanged with more outstanding cloud service vendors to achieve greater achievements in the field of MSP.