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Customized Full Life Cycle Cloud Management Solutions

Provide Azure migration services for well-known retail FMCG companies

Customer background

A well-known daily chemical company in the industry,the Chinese market accounts for 9% of total global revenue, and the growth of the Chinese market accounts for one-third of the world's total.

The annual IT budget is close to 800 million. As our customers grow, we provide customers with services including private cloud, DR and a large number of public cloud early-stage services, and currently operate and maintain the entire hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architecture for customers.

With the promotion of the company's digital business, it has become the only company in FMCG that has escaped from dealer management. Currently it has a total of 10KA, 85 dealers, and 5 online channels. Online sales reached 69% of total revenue. And based on online customer behavior data, it will bring greater opportunities.

Project solution

The client is a world-renowned daily chemical product company whose product range includes hairdressing, health and beauty, fabric and home care, baby, feminine and home care. The China headquarters is located in Guangzhou, with more than 8,000 employees, more than 98% of which are local employees. The Chinese market accounts for 9% of the total global revenue, and the growth of the Chinese market accounts for one-third of the global growth. With the development of customer business, online sales reached 69% of total revenue. In the supply chain link, in order to solve the problems that disrupt market behaviors such as the appearance of counterfeit goods and fleeing goods, customers build a complete set of traceability systems on AWS to provide P&G with a complete set of market behavior monitoring, alarms and follow-up by supervisors. System guarantee mechanism. Anti-Counterfeit And Diversion Service —— ACDS, also known as anti-counterfeiting service, provides services to shopkeepers, consumers and third-party agencies. Users can scan the QR code to obtain the authenticity of the current QR code and all associated Information (details of products, orders, logistics, distributors, stores, counters, etc.). It is also an anti-smuggling service, which is responsible for handling the alarm business of DC outbound, customer scan code, counter cargo transfer and inventory, and the output of report data. The service will remind or warn users of the detailed data and related reasons of the problematic goods according to the parameters set in advance. The data obtained by the staff by scanning the QR code through the App will also be entered into the ACDS for managers to evaluate the staff’s work

Services and solutions

ACDS's current information system infrastructure is deployed in the AWS Beijing Region. Customers hope to migrate all their information system infrastructure to the public cloud Azure and achieve a system architecture designed for high availability. Because some interdependent applications need to be translated and hosted, our goal is to design the overall architecture framework on Azure through this project, and realize the successful translation of all Windows Server servers and SQL Server servers.

Solution architecture diagram

2Resource visualization full life cycle management

Based on the existing CMP product functions of LianWei Technology, combined with the company's own PAAS platform and Devops tool chain, it has created an SRE portal platform that meets China's digital requirements. Starting from SRE project management, tool chain management, Kubernetes management and project management, the project and resource visualization life cycle management is completed.

Project management

Realization of resource lifecycle management through process engine and automation interface, and unified entry and management of resource information through business-centric SRE platform.

Toolchain management

Integrate toolchains on the graphical interface interactive SRE platform to provide CI/CD based on automated tasks.

Kubernetes management

K8S multi-cluster, Multi-Cloud environment management and node upgrade are implemented on SRE platform.

SRE management

Provide middleware management and monitoring in the form of interactive interfaces and integrate business kanban.
Background Challenges
The solution
Customer benefits
Technical highlights
  • Based on hybrid cloud management technology stack
  • Application Microservices & DevOps Full Process Solution for Hybrid Cloud
  • PII information security requirements for private cloud environments
  • Self-service hybrid cloud access management portal
  • High availability (SLA) service standards support
  • Meet the system and legal requirements of headquarters audit and cybersecurity law compliance inspection
  • Comprehensive MSP service support for Azure3000 instances
  • Consulting services based on different public cloud characteristics
  • Docker containerized DevOps solution based on Azure
  • Provide CMP platform MSP service based on LianWei's independent intellectual property rights
  • Disaster Recovery Solution Capability Support for Hybrid Cloud
  • Local security strategy based on hybrid cloud
  • Automated inspection scheme based on LianWei Knowledge Atomic Library
  • Technology stacks and best practices based on hybrid cloud Multi-Cloud management
  • Application and promotion of intelligent CMP cloud management platform
  • DevOps information visualization and data BI analysis capabilities throughout the life cycle
  • IT team overall MSP capability improvement
  • Operational costs, error costs, labor costs, system stability, process efficiency improvements
  • Intelligent data analysis, standardized logs, automated operations and maintenance capacity-building
  • Azure IaaS virtual machine
  • Fast Track/VPN Connection
  • Public Cloud PaaS DB
  • The overall architecture of the public cloud
  • Public Cloud Security
  • HD insight (Haddop) big data
  • IoT Applications
  • Business distribution CDN
  • Data platform
  • Microservices, containers, DevOps toolchain support and complete process operation and maintenance

French well-known cosmetics company public cloud application management solution

Customer background

Leader in the global beauty industry, operating in more than 130 countries and regions, with 283 branches worldwide, one of the Fortune Global 500.
In order to help customers embrace the changes in the digital age and accelerate the development of online marketing business, LianWei provides customers with: infrastructure maintenance services and DevOps containerized Multi-Cloud management platform.

With the development of the digital age, the growing demand for customer brand size and promotion, the company is focusing on promoting online marketing business. In 2019, the six major brands in China gradually transformed from traditional architecture to microservice architecture, established a new DevOps containerized Multi-Cloud management model, and fully realized rapid CI/CD including Campaign, H5, and EC e-commerce application systems. This provides a strong guarantee for the flexible change and rapid development of online business.

Business challenge

Multi-cloud management
Application migration and microservice refactoring for more than 100 advertising campaigns
Container-based ledger requirements across multiple brands
Full containerized CI/CD solution
Visual Container CI/CD under the Window Environment
Empowering the DevOps Agile Toolchain
Front-end Nginx proxy unified interface management
Database containerization high availability solution
High concurrent access requirements

Implementation method

LianWei Cloud Management Platform provides application lifecycle management;
Provide simplified and customized CI/CD approval workflow management;
As an architectural consultant, help customers refactor applications;
Use Azure to build a highly available database, Cluster
Provides rapid and elastic expansion to cope with high concurrency requirements and maximize cost savings;
One-click container monitoring deployment and log collection through automated scripts;
Using kubernetes cluster to realize container orchestration management, high availability, elastic expansion, etc;
Use ELK to implement log collection, analysis and alarm;

Customer benefits

  • Use open source GIT, Jenkins, SonarQube, Harbor and other components to achieve DevOps agile toolchain construction with full link
  • Through any configured Pipeline, one-click complete container application CI/CD, container application rollback quickly, container application email approval
  • Provides containerized release based on Windows environment, interface-configurable CI/CD release process, effectively reduces application deployment time and labor communication costs
  • Provide containerized Nginx proxy management module to isolate all permissions for external access and ensure the stability & security of website access
  • Provides a cloud-based interface-based cloud bill Dashboard, implements multi-cloud bill analysis, and effectively helps customers split accounts according to container applications

Provide Azure migration service for famous German automotive

Project Background

A world-renowned automobile group with 106,000 employees worldwide, its Chinese headquarters is in Beijing, its production center in Shenyang, and its branches in other cities in China. The customer's COP system, the full name: China One Page (referred to as the COP system), is the unified login authentication platform of the group's online system. The COP system infrastructure is currently hosted by IDC. Since the overall strategy of the group is to develop into the public cloud, taking into account the high complexity, long cycle, high cost, difficult deployment, inconvenient operation and other factors of system deployment and expansion in IDC, and most of the COP-related application systems within the enterprise have been migrated To Azure, it is hoped that COP can also be migrated to Azure in order to enhance the interaction between systems and reduce the delay in system authentication. We need to design the overall architecture framework on Azure, achieve a successful infrastructure migration, and cooperate with the application vendor for joint debugging and application switching. The migration project lasted a total of 4 months, after completion, we will continue to be responsible for operation and maintenance services.

Services and solutions

LianWei PanCloud chooses the rehost mode design to reduce the changes in the migration

Through communication with customers and analysis of customer needs, the customer hopes to complete the migration with minimal changes, whether it is from the infrastructure level or the system application level, to minimize the changes, reduce the debugging time, and quickly complete the migration and external To provide services.Based on the in-depth understanding of Azure cloud computing technology and vendors, LianWei PanCloud has selected the server for windows server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 from comprehensive cost-effectiveness, core data security, service quality and response speed, and future business expansion. The scheme design of this migration in rehost mode

LianWei PanCloud provides full life cycle management of the COP system based on the Azure solution

LianWei PanCloud provides a migration solution based on the Microsoft Azure elastic computing platform, using storage services and SQL Server databases, and provides full life cycle management of the COP system from architecture design, implementation, deployment, and later operation and maintenance management

LianWei PanCloud and Azure jointly design system optimization solutions

LianWei PanCloud and Azure designed a system architecture optimization solution, replacing the unstable and unreliable parts of the original architecture with Azure PaaS/IaaS services to achieve high availability, flexibility and reliability of the business system

LianWei PanCloud is responsible for the entire process from COP system design to testing

LianWei PanCloud is responsible for architecture design, network planning, application migration and conversion, data migration, completion of POC verification tests, and ensuring the normal operation of the COP system

LianWei PanCloud uses Vnet to help the COP system realize the planning of virtual network resources

With the help of LianWei PanCloud, the COP system uses the following Azure features: 1. Use Vnet to realize the planning of virtual network resources, and ensure network security by reasonably dividing Subnet and setting NSG 2. Through the use of autoscale, it realizes vertical and horizontal flexible expansion, and can easily cope with various business peaks 3. By using the availability set, VMs of the same service type in the COP project use the same availability set, ensuring that the VMs are distributed on different physical machines, and preventing host machine failures from affecting business operations 4. Through the use of Express Route to connect with BMW's intranet to realize the security of data exchange

Solution architecture diagram

COP project Azure cloud network architecture diagram

Customer benefits

With the help of the solutions and services provided by LianWei PanCloud, the customer achieved through Azure cloud services:

  • Speed up system deployment. After adopting Azure services, the deployment time of new nodes has been shortened, and customers' online business has been rapidly developed
  • Reduced costs. By combining Azure API, semi-automated operation and maintenance can be realized very simply, greatly improving operation and maintenance efficiency and reducing operation and maintenance costs
  • Data security has been strongly guaranteed. The customer stores the data on the Blob, which has a strong security guarantee

In general, after using Azure cloud services, the reliability, stability, and security of the COP system are guaranteed. Through the professional services of LianWei PanCloud, customers have also solved complex Azure billing issues, greatly optimized Azure resource usage, and reduced operation and maintenance costs

World famous direct selling daily chemimcal brand cloud management solution

Customer background

In order to meet current business needs, world-renowned daily chemical companies need to build a systematic Multi-Cloud management system in Multi-Cloud environments such as Ali Cloud. At the same time, customers will also focus on ensuring the security and compliance of cloud management systems and on-cloud environments. Respond to the requirements of high speed, security, stability and high availability of the business. Based on the business needs of customers, LianWei will provide an agile-based infrastructure, that is, an open source tool chain for code Multi-Cloud management and a corresponding technology stack. Help customers empower solutions based on Ali Cloud management and bill management systems. At the same time, LianWei Technology will work with customers to build a security baseline on Ali Cloud to ensure the security and stability of customer systems.

Advanced Services and Solutions-Cloud Route Planning

Phase 1: Ali Cloud Management Standardization Capacity Building

Construction of overall technical architecture   Core construction scene:

  • Ali Cloud Resource Environment Creation
  • Ali Cloud Environmental App Center
  • Ali cloud big screen visualization
  • Ali Cloud Bill Management
  • Ali Cloud Account Management
  • Ali Cloud Resource Management
  • Ali cloud intelligent monitoring
  • Ali Cloud standardized log management
Phase 2: Interoperability in Multi-Cloud s and enhancement of comprehensive cloud management capabilities

Multi-Cloud strategic planning   Core construction scene:

  • Multi-Cloud scenarios and usage plans
  • Multi-Cloud model establishment

Multi-Cloud architecture optimization  Core construction scene:

  • Multi-Cloud infrastructure planning
  • Multi-Cloud configuration baseline planning
  • Multi-Cloud resource system deployment and management

Multi-Cloud application management   Core construction scene:

  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment of Multi-Cloud applications
  • Multi-Cloud application migration

Multi-Cloud operation and maintenance management   Core construction scene:

  • Operation and maintenance management planning of different cloud architectures
  • Automated O & M and AIOPS

Customer benefits

  • Business focus: Make customers more focused on physical business
  • Development efficiency: improve development engineer efficiency and skills
  • Reduce costs: significantly reduce resource input and improve resource utilization
  • Delivery efficiency: increase delivery speed and customer expectations
  • Stay competitive: adapt faster to future technology updates
  • High reliability: scale, predictability, and high degree of automation

In-depth cooperation in The evolution of global snack industry leaders

Customer background

One of the leaders in the global snack industry, the company is headquartered in Illinois, USA and has operations in 165 countries and regions around the world. As the world's leading manufacturer of biscuits, chocolates, chewing gum, confections and solid beverages, all categories occupy a dominant position in the competitive field. The biscuits and confections market ranks first in the world, while chocolate and chewing gum ranks second in the world. It has several star brands with annual revenue of more than 1 billion US dollars.

Business challenge

More than 40 application systems, frequent system updates and new system releases, high availability requirements
Need to manage access security and HotID for many application vendors
Corresponding high availability solutions for different disaster levels
Global deployment, Asia-Pacific support, need to ensure that the system can provide stable and high-performance access to domestic and foreign users at the same time
Complex environment composed of multiple clouds such as private clouds, Azure, AWS, Ali Cloud, nearly 300 hosts and various PAAS services
Cost down requirements, need to reduce O & M management costs through monitoring and O & M automation

Implementation method

Adopt full script deployment to achieve key operation and maintenance scripting;
Realize rapid deployment of public cloud and quickly build platform through LianWei Multi-Cloud Technique Platform;
Rapid deployment of middleware, operating system, security settings, Redis, RabbitMQ via Ansible scripting language;
Use Zabbix, Grafana, LianWei WeChat alarm for automatic monitoring, alarm and event display;
Use ELK to implement log collection, analysis and alarm;
Use Jump server to implement server access control and access record traceback;
Deployed in different security zones of DMZ and Trust in accordance with enterprise-level security standards, achieving unified global security standards;
Use OPSmanager to achieve automatic management of assets and tasks;

Customer benefits

LianWei has been serving the group since 2010, and has been for more than 8 years. Comprehensively provide cloud services for application systems in China and the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, it provides one-stop services from the design of IT infrastructure,the purchase、installation and maintenance of software and hardware, to the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of high availability solutions for disaster recovery. We use the Infra as code integrated hybrid cloud to help customers save costs and achieve performance scalability, while making customers' business expansion more flexible, which can meet the needs of different computing performance at the peak of the business, effectively supporting the group's digital transformation and core business development.

Provide MSP services for well-known e-commerce websites

Customer background

As a world-renowned auction site, the company has always paid close attention to Chinese business. In order to solve the problem of unified logistics on the Chinese platform, it is necessary to build a platform based on microservices architecture to meet the pressure of Internet-level system access.

The customer chose LianWei DevOps container cloud product to build the system. Achieved rapid deployment of containerized infrastructure, continuous integration and continuous deployment of the application layer, while meeting enterprise-level security requirements, it has realized the support of Internet-level pressure bearing and agile development.

Business challenge

The company's first e-commerce cloud O & M outsourcing project in the world
Complex e-commerce platform, usually the deployment time of 30VM system for each end user is 3 weeks, hoping to reduce it to one week
Collaborate with customers' global and local teams, responsible for the deployment of core applications and support systems, and coordinate the deployment of infrastructure
Collaborate with client project managers and end users, coordinate resources, and be accountable to end customers
50-80 end-customer environments can be delivered each year in the future

Implementation method

The self-built process approval system is combined with Ansible's fully scripted deployment to achieve approval as deployment;
Use Zabbix and Grafana to realize automatic monitoring, alarm and event display;
Use ELK to implement log collection, analysis and alarm, and customize the development of end-user interface to ensure information security;
Use Ansible script tool to implement the deployment, operation and maintenance of OS, middleware database, monitoring and logging;
Use Jump server to implement server access control and access record traceback;
Use OPSmanager to achieve automatic management of assets and tasks;

Global well-known industrial products company based on Azure digital application CI/CD integrated solution

Customer background

A world-renowned industrial product company that manufactures and operates a variety of products and services in China. The company's different products and applications show the coexistence of enterprise-level and Internet applications.The company urgently needs to establish a unified CI/CD platform to achieve continuous automated release of the different technology stack.

Business challenge

Realize continuous integration and continuous deployment of different applications of the Internet and enterprise level
Meet the individual needs of dozens of applications
Realize integrated planning for Azure platform, operation and management of dozens of projects, nearly 800 virtual machines, PAAS service
Implement bill management services for the Azure platform

Implementation method

Based on the DevOps container cloud product, deploy containerized products in Azure to achieve agile development of applications and CI/CD support;
Based on the DevOps container cloud product, it implements management and support for Docker, K8S, Jenkins, Harbor, Promethues, ELK, Git, Maven, etc., implements agile development of applications, CI/CD support, and framework support for Spring Cloud;
Based on LianWei DevOps container cloud products, reuse components of the platform such as Jenkins, Git, and other components. Realize continuous integration and continuous deployment of virtual machine applications through custom Pipeline;
According to enterprise-level security standards, it is deployed in different security zones of DMZ and Trust to meet global security standards;
For the Azure platform's bill management services and process management services, it has realized nearly 20 independent cost centers and subsidiary branch services. And build an integrated management process system for cloud, construction, operation and maintenance, and cloud;
Realize rapid deployment of Azure and quickly build platform through LianWei Multi-Cloud Technique Platform;
Through Ansible scripting language, realize the rapid deployment of Redis, RabbitMQ, tomcat and other middleware, and quickly establish the platform;
Use Zabbix, Grafana, LianWei WeChat alarm for automatic monitoring, alarm and event display;

Customer benefits

  • Help customers achieve continuous integration and continuous deployment of Ethernet applications within 3 months
  • Help the development team to quickly build an agile development framework, implement CI/CD process applications, and support microservice architecture
  • Help the infrastructure team quickly realize the automate, rapid creation and management of azure resources, and achieve stable operations for nearly 2 years

Powering the digital transformation of large international luxury goods groups

Customer background

The customer, as the world's largest luxury goods group, has determined its digital strategy as its most important strategy. Establishing a unified container cloud platform supported by digital applications, and supporting the rapid iteration of digital business with the DevOps method have become its important requirements.

Business challenge

Digital transformation, continuous iteration of digital applications
Deploy containers and create management platforms in the VMware private cloud environment
Implement support for microservices architecture and framework support for Spring Cloud
Support CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) and agile development during operation
Store different business data in partitions according to enterprise-level security standards

Implementation method

Based on the LianWei DevOps container cloud product, deploy containerized products in the VMware private cloud environment;
Based on LianWei DevOps container cloud products, realize management and support for Docker, K8S, Jenkins, Harbor, Promethues, ELK, Git, Maven, etc., to achieve agile development of applications and CI/CD support, to achieve framework support for Spring Cloud;
Realize rapid deployment of Redis and RabbitMQ through the Ansible scripting language, and rapid establishment of the platform by calling on VMware;
Deployed in different security zones of DMZ and Trust in accordance with enterprise-level security standards, achieving the realization of global security standards;

Customer benefits

  • Realize quick release multiple times a day for customers
  • Help customers cope with the pressure of multi-brand and multi-application deployment, create a unified platform, and save management, resources, and operation and maintenance costs
  • Provide customers with 99.99% website operation and maintenance support services to ensure customer business stability and continuity
  • Achieved rapid deployment of multi-brand and multi-project containerized infrastructure, continuous integration and continuous deployment of application layer, and continuous iterative support for digital applications