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Multi-Cloud Technique Platform

Provides an end-to-end solution based on the public cloud. By providing six modules: resource platform, DevOps platform, security platform, operation and maintenance platform, data platform and application support platform, it helps Digital services achieve full life cycle management on the public cloud from computing resources to business environments to application integration and release.

SIX Technology Platforms

  • Resources
  • DevOps
  • Safety
  • Operation
  • Data
  • Application


Multi-Cloud resource delivery

Complete the overall deployment and management of Ali, AWS, Azure, tencent cloud and VMware resources.

Multi-Cloud resource CMDB, which can manage multi-type resources of Ali, AWS, Azure, and classify resources according to tags for other services.


Multi-Cloud continuous platform software delivery

Unified management of Multi-Cloud , customer IDC's self-built Kubernetes cluster, centralized management and deployment of Kubernetes workloads; and unified management of workload traffic, support for service nearby access and failover capabilities.

Through an automated integrated release platform compatible with the open source DevOps tool chain, it can automatically achieve continuous integration between multiple clouds, continuous deployment, and subsequent application migration during the application development phase.

Private Multi-Cloud code library and mirror library help users to uniformly manage all application code and branches.

Support for continuous integration and distribution in virtual machine environments, serverless environments, and container environments, enabling collaborative scheduling in traditional IAAS, PAAS, and container environments.


Comprehensive security control

Develop system and application safety baseline to provide comprehensive Infra safety protection.

Combining business logic and security logs to provide early business security warnings and provide deeper protection for application security.


AIOPS-Scenarioized Platform Package

Scenarioization, interface, automation, standardization and intelligent management of Multi-Cloud virtual machines and deployment, operation and maintenance and use of platform services.


Operational big data

Provides strong support for applications through a series of data processing tasks such as big data collection, ETL, data storage, data analysis, and data model construction


Business and development oriented platform framework

Provides architecture and service platform that can be directly invoked by applications and development

Provide out-of-the-box functions of microservice components, provide services such as service registration, application gateway and service chain monitoring for applications

Multi-Cloud Technique Platform Functional Architecture