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LianWei Cloud Management Platform CMP

According to the Cloud Management Platform(CMP) standard of Gartner, LianWei PanCloud CMP provides an end-to-end solution to realize the access management of massive resource equipment, through Multi-cloud Governance and Life Cycle Management, Brokering and Automation for Managed Cloud Resources, Provisioning and Orchestration, Service Request, Inventory and Classification, Monitoring and Analysis, Cloud Migration and Backup and Disaster Recovery, Security and Compliance and Identity Management to solve the practical use problems of customers, help customer to realize efficient work operation system and support the business development.

Eight product functions

  • Governance and Life cycle management
  • Brokering and automation for managed cloud resources
  • Provisioning and orchestration
  • Service request
  • Inventory and classification
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Cloud migration, backup and disaster recovery
  • Security, compliance and identity management
Through the application center module, LianWei PanCloud Cloud Management Platform realizes the application full life cycle management, and displays the application information from the resource dimension and business dimension. It also provides unified management and reasonable planning of multi-cloud accounts, real-time acquisition and integrated management of multi-cloud bills, supports customized sub ledger system, to realize efficient multi cloud governance.
LianWei PanCloud Cloud Management Platform abandons the complex environment and architecture rules between different clouds, and realizes resource consistency planning, batch resource provision, automatic resource allocation and operation management from the perspective of business and application environment. And provide a unified resource display to realize one button switch.
LianWei PanCloud Cloud Management Platform supports the provision mode of multi-cloud resources, scenario and application environment. Through automation tools, LianWei CMP can complete one-stop automatic operation from orchestration to provision, from configuration to security management, and realize customized deployment mode and standardized deployment process.
Through the cloud management platform and automation tools, LianWei PanCloud encapsulates the service request of users in a product way, helping users solve the problems of long service approval process and slow response, and providing users with a more agile support experience.
LianWei PanCloud cloud management platform supports real-time acquisition of various types of resources under multi-cloud and multi account, and realizes integrated display and management through visual CMDB. According to the resource label, realize the resource classification at the business level, to realize a more reasonable management system.
LianWei PanCloud cloud management platform provides man-machine interface based on chat tool and process engine, compiles more than 100 operation scenarios, realizes all-round automatic monitoring management, log information integration and analysis, to realizes rapid and automatic processing of changes and faults.
LianWei PanCloud cloud management platform realizes the architecture planning of cloud migration and backup and disaster recovery through the application center, and completes the batch creation, provision and configuration of resources through the automation tools, so as to realize the smooth cloud migration. Combined with MSP service, build a cloud migration and backup and disaster recovery solution with CMP platform as the core.
LianWei PanCloud cloud management platform supports massive security equipment access management, customized security baseline setting, regular security data cleaning, and RBAC based access control management. And unified display of security status, real-time alarm and security report through security dashboard.

LianWei Cloud Management Platform CMP Role Function Diagram

The whole process of governance and life cycle management

MSP Service For World Famous Real Estate Company

Multi-cloud MSP service and CMP platform support by 9 million+ resource consumption in Azure and 4 million+ resource consumption in Ali

Background & Challenge

  • Cloud strategic planning based on Azure Ali Multi-cloud
  • Cloud bill management and ledger in Multi-cloud environment by CMP
  • Need to integrate the internal process, one-click graphical approval workflow by CMP
  • Intelligentize monitoring & automatic inspection in Multi-cloud environment by CMP
  • Automatic provision & operation of Multi-cloud resources environments by CMP
  • Application migration of containerization and microservice by CMP

Solutions&Technical Stack

  • Provides the graphic approval workflow module by integrating the customer internal process
  • Provides graphic resource creation &management by intrgrating multi-cloud resource API interface
  • Provides containerized microservice functional modules in DevOps CI/CD
  • Provides graphic bill management by combining with public cloud account system,easy to split accounts
  • Provides access control based on RBAC,insulating authority of different merchants effectively, to ensure business security