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Gartner LianWei MSP and CMP Capability Nomination

Gartner LianWei MSP nomination

Recently, cloud computing technology has occupied a higher weight in the minds of chief information officers (CIOs). With the increasing proportion of cloud and cloud-based resources in IT resources, traditional IP service outsourcers have gradually become managed service providers (MSP). Currently, mainstream public cloud vendors include Ali Cloud, Amazon AWS Cloud Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud. These vendors all have their own MSP partners.

In this year's Gartner Chief Information Officer (CIO) survey, Gartner comprehensively evaluated 19 MSPs in terms of support and certification of the six major public cloud vendors, global business, and customer coverage, Among them, LianWei Technology was nominated by a local MSP supplier.

LianWei Technology has partner certifications from Ali Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure, and has extensive experience in enterprise architecture and technology innovation, infrastructure and operations. It not only has strong management capabilities for Multi-Cloud cloud platforms and hybrid IT management capabilities, but also has developed a learning framework for the development of employees, helping employees to comprehensively improve their professionalism and skills. As a Multi-Cloud management service provider, LianWei Technology can provide customers with Multi-Cloud management services that meet their individual needs.

Gartner LianWei CMP nomination

Cloud computing ranks third among the most important disruptive technologies in the minds of CIOs, and major companies have subsequently migrated their businesses to the cloud, and in the process of going to the cloud, they have chosen a Multi-Cloud strategy including private clouds and public clouds. , CMP cloud management platform has become a very important tool to help enterprises with Multi-Cloud services and resource management. CMP provides governance, lifecycle management, agency and automation services in seven areas: configuration and orchestration, service request management, inventory and classification, monitoring and analysis, cost management and resource optimization, cloud migration, backup and disaster recovery, and identity, security, and compliance.

Based on more than ten years of experience in digital services and information technology services, LianWei has independently developed a CMP platform that has achieved great success. It is not only trusted by Fortune 500 companies, but also been nominated for the "Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platform in Chinese Context Version" released by Gartner, an authoritative information technology research and analysis organization. This is an affirmation and encouragement of the CMP platform that LianWei has independent intellectual property rights in the professional field.