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LianWei MSP Service

LianWei MSP (Managed Service Provider) service provides customers with cloud-optimized solutions, has the ability to deploy new cloud-native applications, and has the ability to migrate customers' existing applications and workloads from traditional data centers to cloud environments.

Three Core Competencies

Efficient cloud management platform

Cloud resource cost expenditure management and public cloud vendor account management functions

Continuous cloud management service capability

Provide continuous technical support for infrastructure operations engineers and developers

Professional consulting and implementation capability

Provide solution architecture, workload migration, and DevOps automation services

Consulting and Design Services

China & Gobal Public Cloud Service Consultation
  • The difference
  • Pain points
  • IaaS, PaaS & SaaS service architecture
Business & Operation Consultation
  • Business challenges
  • Application-side logic
  • Relevance to other systems
  • Infrastructure needs
  • Compliance with laws, regulations
Design and customization
  • Cloud platform selection and cloud method measurement
  • Infrastructure design and Tailored cloud resources
  • Operation simulation design and Support system design
  • Design of compliance work
  • Policy and procedure design
  • Build a POC environment on a public cloud
  • Functional and performance testing
  • Support system testing
  • Setup and run simulation (program testing)

Implement and Deploy Services

New cloud environment deployment

Migrate to the public cloud

Hybrid cloud deployment

Realize the end-to-end automation service through Ansible & LianWei Multi-Cloud Technique Platform , realize the automatic deployment of public cloud resources at all levels and the real cross-cloud deployment through the scenario-based one-click deployment.

Backup, monitor, log

The database

Front-end server

The middleware


The database

The operating system




7*24h operation services

7 * 24h OMC operation and maintenance center
Professional operation and maintenance team
Effective communication interface with customer operation and maintenance team
Tools and standard processes based on ITIL operation and maintenance system

Network security compliance consulting

Data protection

  • Protection of personal and potential customers and employees, etc.
  • Cross-border transmission and storage of important data or personal information.

Network security

  • Build a higher-level infrastructure to protect network security.
  • System, technical level safety and security management.

Network security compliance consulting roadmap

Initiation Phase
Initial Status Investigation of Internal Applications
Biding Process (RFP & RFQ)
Phase 1
Commercial Process with Selected Vendor (SOW, Deliverables Definition, Contract, NDA)
Consulting Work Execution
Phase 2
Security Enhancement for the Gaps
MLPS Evaluation for Selected Applications